Outstanding Property Management Services

At Evans Property Management, LLC, we help Real Estate Owners and Investors manage and protect their properties. We never charge until your property is leased! Our Sales Team will help find the right properties for investment or help you sell when you are ready. Call us and find out how different we are with the flexibility that you won't find elsewhere.



Tenant Evaluation

Hiring our Property Managers saves you time, money and risk. We do extensive background checks, evaluate each prospect and choose the best available tenants.


Repair and Maintenance

We handle all repairs quickly and as economically as possible using our vendors or yours. We do inspections 2x year and set expectations with the tenants on repairs.



We use multiple MLS feeds over 50+ sites showcasing your home and all of the amenities. This allows prospects looking at those sites to contact us immediately. We use Facebook, Google, Instagram and other social sites to showcase your listings as well.


Process Rental Payments & Disbursements

Tenants have multiple options to pay their rent including merchant locations. Owners receive their disbursements quickly and can view their statements on their Owner Portal. Keep records for accounting and tax purposes.


Vacant Home Showings

We have implemented a system that allows tenants to view a property on their own so that your property can immediately have prospects view it. Agents are also available for those prospects that want a personal and traditional touch. We visit the vacant property at least 1x a week and more if we’ve had a lot of showings.


Tenant Management

Be available 24/7 for emergencies. Return non-emergency calls quickly. Provide a list of tenant responsible actions at the beginning of the relationship. Deal with lease violations and late payments. Offer Owner approved incentives for good tenants that we want to keep.


Legal Knowledge

Up to date with the most current Florida Landlord Tenant Laws along with all national Fair Housing Laws. Work with Real Estate lawyers to craft a detailed lease to eliminate most loopholes found in standard leases. Thoroughly understand Eviction procedures should the Owner wish to pursue.


Real Estate Owned (REO) Services

Experience with foreclosed assets, able to assess the condition, process evictions, make repairs and help with leasing or selling. As an REO agent, we process assets for the sales market and can alert Owners to these opportunities.


Transparent Pricing

Our fees are straight forward and listed clearly on your individual Owners agreement. We never upcharge on Maintenance items. If we need to add a charge, we’ll notify you if it’s not part of our normal agreement.